Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Galliher/Seifert whimsical urban Wedding has to be one of our all time favorites (I know we say that a lot but every time we discover a new blend of flower varieties combined with exquisite decor  that wows , we can't help saying it again)!  A tremendous amount of planning and designing by the bride and her family went into to all of the decor, furniture  and linens at the Luce Loft in San Diego.  Katie and Jason's moms hand made the paper screen as well as the table runners and details too numerous to mention.  The  eclectic vibrant flower selection of pincushion Proteas, Ranunculas, Gerbera daisies, High Magic and Faith roses, and Crispedia made everything come to life. We enjoyed working with you all and are grateful for the opportunity to work with everyone on this special day!  Blessings Katie & Jason